We aspire to tackle the most challenging societal issues with an entrepreneurial business approach.

Who we are

SI² Fund is the European-based social impact fund that is entirely dedicated to innovative businesses with social missions at the heart of their activities.

The mission of the fund is to generate significant social impact alongside a fair financial return, mainly by supporting social entrepreneurs in scaling up their businesses to reach high social & financial performance.

In doing so, SI² Fund aims to bridge a gap in dedicated funding for European-based social businesses, by acting as intermediary to connect interested social investors to relevant social entrepreneurs.

SI2 bridges a gap by acting as an intermediary between social investors and social entrepreneurs

What we do

The SI² Fund management team marries venture capital know-how with deep knowledge of how to expand social impact. With this unique blend of competencies on hand, SI² Fund is able to provide our social businesses with:

  • Risk capital financing that values their actual and potential social impact alongside their ability to provide a fair financial return.
  • Experienced active shareholders that are dedicated to support the management in achieving its ambitious goals
  • Coaching and consulting opportunities, partly through the well-known social entrepreneurship know-how that resides wtihin the Oksigen Group
  • Access to a network of social enterprises, social businesses and social initiatives to test ideas and exchange valuable knowledge

Whom we support

The SI² Fund supports early (non-seed) and later stage development ventures whose primary focus is the creation of significant societal change. We pay particular attention to the following when considering a potential investment:

  • Mission-driven: generating social impact is an essential and necessary part of the enterprise’s business model
  • Strong financial case: clear plan to attain financial viability and to generate a fair return for investors
  • Team: a strong and committed management team.

In order to leverage the expertise of the SI² Fund team, a particular attention is dedicated to social businesses that tackle one of the 14 following Sustainable Development Goals elaborated by the United Nations: poverty, health and well-being, education, gender equality, clean and affordable energy, decent work, reduced inequalities, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, climate change, life below water and life on hand, peace, justice and strong institutions as well as partnerships for the goals.

SI2 is focusing on a particular set of SDGs

The SI² Fund Management Team

The fund management team is well-balanced, combining solid social investing and entrepreneurship experience with private equity experience.

Pieter Oostlander
Fund Manager

Pieter's professional background is in accountacy and finance. He had various top-level finance functions in projects, manufacturing and IT companies. In 2004, he switched to the social investment and venture philanthropy sector to build the service organisation of a family foundation. This ultimate was te basis for shaerpa, one of the companies behind SI². The decision to switch resulted from his ambition to make societal impact a significant part of his professional life. Pieter served on the Board of the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA), 8 years as a chair. He is actively pursuing to further profesisionalise social investing in the European arena. Pieter is also a member of the board of directors of Social Value International, nurturing and promoting the use of as a systematic approach to social value accounting.

SI² according to Pieter: “At a certain point in time you realize it is about Return on Lifetime rather than Return on Investment.”

Marie-Gael Leveque

Senior Investment Manager

Marie-Gael has a corporate finance background. She started her career at JP Morgan Investment Banking in London during 4 years, and worked for 14 years at ING in positions in Investment Banking, Leveraged Finance (Private Equity) and Corporate Banking. She is a Board Director of the Children Museum of Brussels and worked as volunteer in community-projects in Brazil. She holds a MA in Business Engineering from Catholic University of Louvain, a CEMS MBA at London School of Economics and lectured Corporate Finance & Valuation at Catholic University of Rio in Brazil.

SI² according to Marie-Gael : “Social impact investing is a privileged way to fuel growth with tangible and lasting value for all stakeholders."

Wim Verbeek
Senior Analyst

For the last 40 years Wim has alternately worked as an project manager, director and board member. He held various management positions at KPN Telecom, Getronics and BT. As Project director, he was responsible for the startup of Telfort Mobile, and after the launch he remained responsible for the operational organization as Chief Operating Officer. Wim built a thriving international practice of 160+ hands-on advisors with customers based all over Europe and the United States. After selling his company, he became active in sustainable energy and venture philanthropy.

Wim Verbeek has a MSc in mechanical engineering (Technical University Delft),a MBA and is a certified mediator.

SI² according to Wim: “No one will benefit from prolonged charity. Connecting business and social aspects creates something that will last.”

Jennifer Marzullo
Investment manager

Jennifer has over 10 years of experience in advising corporates on strategic and operational issues. She specialized in identifying new markets, products and go-to market approaches. Jennifer holds a BSc in chemical engineering, Bachelor of Arts in Arts & History and MBA from London Business School

SI² according to Jennifer: “Social enterprises that have the capacity and capability to rebuild the economy will survive.”

Timothy Lambert

Investment analyst

Timothy has experience in Ethical finance (microfinance, cooperative banking) and Shared Value consultance. He is a board member of Academics for Development for the second consecutive year, ambassador of NewB and one of the 100 young Belgian sustainability leaders selected by Generation T. Timothy holds a MSc. in Microfinance (Solvay Business School), a MA in Business engineering (Louvain School of Management ) and a Certificate in Ethics (Chair Hoover, UCL).

SI² according to Timothy: “A reliable partner for those investors and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to develop equitable, resilient and sustainable ecosystems and communities. "

The SI² Fund Investment Committee

Mrs. Maja Sanders (President)
Mr. Michael Alberg-Seberich
Mr. Piet Colruyt
Mr. Pieter Oostlander
Mr. Steven Serneels
Mr. Ad Van der Sluijs